Lakil Essady

Lakil is currently leading a big data based software that helps e-commerce websites to increase their sales by monitoring internal and external factors.

Lakil actively particpates in various start-ups and is co-founder of online ventures such as, and, He combines his work delivering classes in Masters of Search Marketing in different Universities, he also regularly presents at search marketing conferences.

Lakil is recognised as one of the premier experts in search engine optimization in Spain. He has carried out freelance consulting for clients such as,,, and others. He holds a degree in Hispanic Studies from the UAET, and a Masters in Art and New Technology from the UEM.

He began his career in 2005 in web standards and accessibility before joining Nurun as the manager of the SEO & Analytics department. There he contributed to the online success of various brands in Spain such as Gallina Blanca, LG, Digital+, SAET etc.

4. Enlaces internos: ¿Son los enlaces internos es una de las estrategias más subestimadas?

Con Lakil Essady, Fernando Maciá, Daniel Pinillos Carrasco y Fernando Muñoz.

7. Experiencia de usuario:¿Cómo es de importante la experiencia de usuario en SEO?

Con Daniel Pinillos Carrasco, Elisa Martínez, Lakil Essady y Natzir Turrado.

8. Site speed: ¿Cómo influye la velocidad de carga en la experiencia del usuario?

Con Mª José Cachón, Elisa Martínez, Lakil Essady y Javier Lorente.

9. Tráfico de marca: ¿Cómo utilizar este tráfico?

Con Mª José Cachón, Esther Checa Gutiérrez, Sergio Simarro y Lakil Essady.

10. Personalización: Los resultados de búsqueda personalizados en Google

Con Lakil Essady, Javier Lorente, Fernando Maciá y Diego Polo.